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 - Communication Organiser Program

Get Business Information on Cell phone anytime, anywhere in the world

Communication Organizer Program  has gained wide spread acceptance from users of various industries and service segment. COP is based on  SMS technology. It  saves time and money for providing real time information to the customers, management , supplier and filed staff. It improves business performance.

Professional Edition:
This is an SMS Message Board, which allows sending SMS to the target group according to a pre-fixed schedule, or on need base. 


  • Phone Book
  • Type of Messages
  • Tagging from phone book
  • Individual-Personalized
  • From Text File
  • Bulk in Series
  • Schedule Messaging
  • Log Report
  • Send
  • Delivered
  • Received  
  • Import of phone book from CSV files 


For the efficient function of COP, following is the system requirement:
PC. Windows 9x, GSM Modem, SIM

COP Professional Edition:

In India users of Mobile is much more than that of E mails/ Internet. Hence, it makes senses to use concept of SMS messaging!  (short message service) as communication tool instead of conventional mailers, flyers, or email or tele-calls for communication.
SMS base communication is win-win situation for sender as well as receivers of it.

  • It is non-intrusive, it do not interrupt the receivers while receiving.
  • Receiver can read it at there convenience.
  • Message size of 160 characters can be sent.
  • Since SMS is sent on Mobile, SMS reaches the party anywhere it goes. And one gets the acknowledgments of receipt.
  • In the event of crisis it is the best tool for MASS COMMUNICATION.
  • It is the cost effective
  • No much Users support is required.
  • It is good Marketing, After Sales service tool.

The most effective means to ensuring satisfaction and goes a long way to building customer relationship. Pushing SMS messages to customers via cellular technology offers a company a cost-effective solution to instantaneously communicate with one or many of its customers no matter their location.  

 Advantage of COP Professional Program:

  • Well Define Phone, Option to import the contact details from Excel sheet or Via Flat file.
  • To send reminder to pre-select group of individuals for
  • Specific event in advance – Birthday, Appointment,
  • To send reminder for last date of Return filing – IT, TDS, Service Tax and so on …
  • To inform about new product launch,  Sales Offers,  to regular clients 
  • Useful for Jewelry, Designer Shop owners
  • Car Servicing company can send reminders for Servicing of Vehicle
  • One get log reports on Party wise send & received messages and error log report as well.
  • COP Professional can work on PC with Win98 and basic hardware setup.
  • COP Professional is very User Friendly !

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